Magic from beyond the world

I can’t help but love humans, as much as they may break my heart. I still hope our species will defy the odds, travel to the stars and and survive for thousands of years. Or millions, while we’re wishing.

Because humans can access a miracle known as inspiration.

I’m addicted to the stuff.

Jim White – Static on the Radio. (This song conveys the idea perfectly. I used to do this as a kid. The mystery…

Real artists bring things to life that never did exist in this world. To be honest, I consider myself a rational man, but it feels like magic.

Maybe it’s not magic, but I’m hanging onto that.

I think of it as the dragon’s whisker. Sometimes it feels like you could almost pull the entire dragon into this world.

When I see certain art, hear certain music, I feel it. It’s a bit like fishing. You can’t see it, but something is there. Something tugging the line. Something from somewhere… Else.

The fish may get away, but you KNOW you had something on the end of the line.

I have had a few tugs, but I don’t think I’ve reeled in any dragons yet. Dragon minnows at best.

I envy the people who reel in dragon after dragon, producing works that change people’s lives.

From the outside they may appear miserable. Magic takes it out of you.

But I know why they do it. It’s better than any drug.

Dead Can Dance – Summoning the Muse

I’m trying to expose myself to as much inspiration as I can before I leave this earth. I know it’s irrational, but I have a drive to listen to every great work of music from every time and culture. Impossible, but I try anyway.

Sarah Jarosz – My Muse

When I can’t channel it myself, I have to get it secondhand.

When I feel that tug, I’ll share. You might not feel it. We’re not all on the same wavelength.

But I have to try. My muse or whatever the hell it is, requires it.

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